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Immunization in adolescents

Immunization in adolescent

Generally majority of population receives vaccination early child hood and infancy. For may vaccines immunity wanes after years. So, this leads to higher risk of vaccine preventable illnesses in adolescents and young adults. Some vaccine preventable diseases are indeed increasing in adolescent population. Many new vaccines were under trial and now available to use in adolescent population. Some of these are Pertussis vaccine, HPV and meningococcal vaccine. They are now easily available and safe to use in adolescents. We will discuss here regarding the important vaccinations that are needed in adolescent population. Other that can be given in adolescents are Typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, MMR, varicella, Influenza vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccines and Rabies vaccine.
So following are vaccines recommended for adolescents : 
Tdap:  Tdap is a vaccine, a combination vaccine which provides immunity against tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria.Pertussis disease immunity w…

Swine Flu - The emerging threat

Swine Flu - The Emerging Threat

What is Swine flu? Swine means pig.Swine flu is respiratory contagious disease in pigs.​Transmitted in Human by contact with infected pig or contaminated environment.​After getting this infection from pigs infected humans transmit this infection very rapidly to other human beings.​Basically it is a type of influenza. Influenza A.
​How does Swine flu spreads? ​Virus is shed by humans or pigs while sneezing, cough.Airborne infection.Essentially similar to seasonal influenza.Also by hands if no proper hand washing hygiene is used.Mostly in cold season. Crowded places.​ Who are worst affected by Swine flu? Age less than 5 years old.Old age group.Diabetics and hypertensive.Pregnant women.Those with immuno-compromised status.Though other in all age groups and sexes can be affected.Malnourished children.AIDS affected children and adults.

Vaccines : Is it A scam?

Vaccines : Is it a scam?
With progress of science and medical knowledge many new vaccines are launched. Science is all progressing day by day and minute by minute for that matter. Progress is other word for science in fact. Like all new technology has both good and bad things altogether, the efforts are made to reduce the bad and improve the good. Many people have various doubts about the vaccination. Some think it is essential, some think it is wastage of time and resources. Few think it is just another scam brought by big pharma companies. Really, may be true, may be false. Many giant companies of today were selling cocaine and opium under name of medicine in 19th centuries. So are vaccines really a scam that will take another century to get exposed?       Here let's do some analysis, whether anti vaxers or pro vaxers are true.       Here are some FAQs posed by antivaxers:
1) Vaccines are forced to reduce fertility among certain religious groups?          The truth is since the launc…

Rotavirus diarrhea and Rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus diarrhea and Rotavirus vaccine

Diarrhea is still a major cause of mortality around the world. Especially children aged less than 5 years it is very common cause of mortality and morbidity. Diarrhea leads to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance if not managed well. Across the world the healthcare may not be available on time or parents may not know the seriousness of the condition and child may be ignored till it is late. Diarrhea if chronic may affect the growth of the children and may cause malnutrition. 
Among children and especially malnourished children diarrhea puts sever impact on health. 
What are causes of diarrhea in children and infants? There are plenty but they can be grossly classifies as infectious and non infectious. Infectious diarrhea is far more common then non infectious diarrhea. Viral diarrhea : Rotavirus, Norovirus, Adenovirus, Astrovirus and many others.Bacterial causes : Cholera, E. Coli, ShiegellaParasite infections.Food poisoning Above all are …

All You Need to know about Nipah Virus

​  All You need to Know about Nipah Virus

Some cases with Nipah Virus infection found in countries with news of fatalities. Some time ago same news were coming from Malaysia and from West Bengal. Now News currently coming from Kerala, There are lot of myths and misinformation among the general public. This creates loss of panic among people. Some health workers also lost life because of this serious illness and in general the atmosphere is filled with fear.
So, Let us see in details but in simple language about Nipah Virus today. We hope this information will be helpful to those curious minds who really are scratching their heads about what is this new comer Nipah Virus in our nation. This page is just for information purpose and it doesn’t aim to replace your physician’s advice. We know you have many queries regarding Nipah and we would like to answer most common FAQs about Nipah.
So here we are revealing “All you need to know about Nipah Virus.” So What is a Nipah Virus? Like its name …

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron Deficiency anemia

         As its name implies iron deficiency anemia occurs due to deficiency of iron. It is the most common anemia among all anemia types. Mainly the developing countries are worst affected by this condition. Nearly one third population of world faces iron deficiency and in developing  countries this proportion is even larger. Let us see the the causes of iron deficiency anemia and will then discuss about how to prevent it and how to deal with it if it has already occurred.  Rich sources of Iron
Causes of iron deficiency are :  Reduced iron intake in food : Regular consumption of food that is low in iron content leads to deficiency of iron. This food can be low in iron content or may be containing low quality iron in food. The iron from meat is heme iron and it is absorbed better from food that non heme iron like that from plant and vegetable sources.Inability to absorb iron from food : If food contains excessive tanins, caffeins then iron can not be absorbed int…

Anaemia - Still a rising concern in world.

Anaemia - Still a rising concern in world.

        ​"Anemia essentially means decreased amount of Red blood cells or decreased amount of hemoglobin in blood that leads to decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood."         Anemia - still a rising concern in the world. A large percentage of world population especially those from developing countries is anemic. Anemia mainly found in children and pregnant women have significant impact on health and growth. this condition can affect anyone from newborn babies to old age people. Anemia is a major concern all over the world. Simple measures taken on personal, family and community level can prevent the anemia and can lead to significant improvement in overall health of society. We here are enlisting causes of anemia so that we can give further explanation about each type and its prevention.        Many countries have started national programs for prevention and treatment of anemia but these programs are generally limited to childre…