Vaccines : Is it A scam?

Vaccines : Is it a scam?

Vaccines : Is it a Scam?
         Hopefully you read it with open mind

   With progress of science and medical knowledge many new vaccines are launched. Science is all progressing day by day and minute by minute for that matter. Progress is other word for science in fact. Like all new technology has both good and bad things altogether, the efforts are made to reduce the bad and improve the good. Many people have various doubts about the vaccination. Some think it is essential, some think it is wastage of time and resources. Few think it is just another scam brought by big pharma companies. Really, may be true, may be false. Many giant companies of today were selling cocaine and opium under name of medicine in 19th centuries. So are vaccines really a scam that will take another century to get exposed?
      Here let's do some analysis, whether anti vaxers or pro vaxers are true.
      Here are some FAQs posed by antivaxers:

1) Vaccines are forced to reduce fertility among certain religious groups?
         The truth is since the launch of vaccination many country wide the death due to that diseases decreased significantly. So need to produce so many children in fear of poor survival rate decreased.           See number of deaths caused by measles, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, Haemophilus influenza B meningitis  has reduced more than 99 percent in recent decades. Probably many anti vaxers are surviving because their parents have vaccinated them in their childhood. Y
      You can compare the fact between countries with good vaccine coverage and bad vaccine coverage. See where number of deaths are more by yourself. 
         Probably religious differences are used to spread lies against vaccinations by creating anxiety in minority religions which are concerned about their population size. The world population is growing exponentially since launch of vaccination and the average life expectancy and infant mortality, childhood mortality rates are decreasing all over the world where the vaccination campaigns has been launched.

2)  Vaccines are extremely costly?
         One of myths spread by f**king broke people who cant spend penny to prevent deadly diseases. Look at diphtheria, tetanus, pneumonia, pertussis, measles, polio, and so on. The cost of treatment of disease and cost of vaccination compare the both.
       You will find that cost of disease treatment is extremely high compared to cost of vaccines. Many of vaccine preventable diseases are untreatable and currently no treatments are available for many. Many of them cause complications that are not totally reversible even with extremely costly medicines and with highest paid doctors and costliest and best hospitals.

3) Vaccines are scams by pharma companies in collaboration with doctors and hospitals too sell their products?
        Well being a doctor and a health care provider I can tell you better. It is very much profitable to treat tetanus than providing a tetanus vaccine shot. Patient affected by disease needs ventilation for weeks. If you know about what is ventilation, you will better know the cost for same. When disease occurs doctors, staff, medicine companies, labs everyone gets the job. Profit booms to roofs. And mind you treating facilities deserve that much for the effort they make to survive the patient. 
        So we earn much much better by treating disease rather than preventing it. Do you still think vaccines is a scam, oh then go to hell. I as a healthcare provider pray to god, many more like you should rule the society so that we can keep our hospital beds occupied all time.

4) Vaccines cause autism and ADHD?
         This is how pseudo science is used to prove science is false. That is totally a false belief may be a psychotic belief. There is absolutely no evidence that measles or any other vaccines cause such illnesses. Some flawed studies were used to prove the association between two.
          In many cases frustrated parents of autistic children find ways to blame the vaccination and find some peace of mind. But should it be taken seriously? Rather they should be provided support to tackle the situation so that they do not feel lonely and become blemish. How many anti vaxer yet supported an autistic child or provided support to parents of autistic child? What do they know about autism?

5) Vaccines decrease the immunity?
         Ho ho ho, really? We should not laugh on someone's less knowledge but this is utter ignorance. The purpose of vaccination itself is providing immunity against various diseases. How if they reduce someone's immunity? If it is so, many would have died of reduced immunity and getting communicable diseases. Instead people and children are now a days getting less and less communicable diseases and dying of old age or non communicable diseases. 
        How to prove it? stop vaccination once and see what happens? How lunatics stopped vaccinating there children in Romania and lakhs of children got measles with many deaths reported. So 'Ethical way' antivaxers proved the importance of vaccination.

6) Vaccinations have deadly side effects? 
          Currently very few serious side effects are associated vaccines. Side effects are obviously there but they are easily manage with drugs. Compared to getting disease they are very mild. Serious side effects like anaphylaxis and hypersensitivity are managed by well equipped vaccine centers and a good clinician. Fortunately they appear in 1 in 10 or 100 million doses. Many of above diseases  have mortality of 0.5% to 100%.
          So decide yourself whether to get disease or to get a shot or vaccine.

I hope this explains my point if you have queries you can write in comments or send us message.
Thanks for reading this article.

Disclaimer : These are general views by me as a renowned pediatrician. This advice is generally applicable to masses of people. The advice to individual may differ case to case basis. Consult your doctor before coming to any conclusion. We arent here for replacing your doctor's advice.


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