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                                       About us

We are leading pediatric clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad, Maharashtra. This site is maintained and sponsored entirely by Bhole Children's Clinic and Vaccination Center.

We honestly feel it is impossible to reach to masses of people in clinical practice because of limited time. Many of our patients and new parents of children have a lot of queries which they try to search for the answers. Very few reliable sources are currently available for such parents to satisfy their curiosity. 

Because of this parents may feel anxious and tensed. We here try to answer the most common queries of such general population. This blog is solely for the same purpose. We as experienced in clinical practice will use our knowledge and skills to reach maximum number of parents.

The purpose of this blog is to provide the general information regarding child health. As medicine is ever changing science rather an evolving science we do not claim it to be accurate for each and every individual and situation. We suggest rather to meet your doctor before coming to any conclusion. 

We are not here to replace your regular visit to doctor. You can personally visit at Bhole Children Clinic.


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