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Immunization in adolescents

Immunization in adolescent

Generally majority of population receives vaccination early child hood and infancy. For may vaccines immunity wanes after years. So, this leads to higher risk of vaccine preventable illnesses in adolescents and young adults. Some vaccine preventable diseases are indeed increasing in adolescent population. Many new vaccines were under trial and now available to use in adolescent population. Some of these are Pertussis vaccine, HPV and meningococcal vaccine. They are now easily available and safe to use in adolescents. We will discuss here regarding the important vaccinations that are needed in adolescent population. Other that can be given in adolescents are Typhoid, Japanese encephalitis, MMR, varicella, Influenza vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccines and Rabies vaccine.
So following are vaccines recommended for adolescents : 
Tdap:  Tdap is a vaccine, a combination vaccine which provides immunity against tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria.Pertussis disease immunity w…