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All You Need to know about Nipah Virus

​  All You need to Know about Nipah Virus

Some cases with Nipah Virus infection found in countries with news of fatalities. Some time ago same news were coming from Malaysia and from West Bengal. Now News currently coming from Kerala, There are lot of myths and misinformation among the general public. This creates loss of panic among people. Some health workers also lost life because of this serious illness and in general the atmosphere is filled with fear.
So, Let us see in details but in simple language about Nipah Virus today. We hope this information will be helpful to those curious minds who really are scratching their heads about what is this new comer Nipah Virus in our nation. This page is just for information purpose and it doesn’t aim to replace your physician’s advice. We know you have many queries regarding Nipah and we would like to answer most common FAQs about Nipah.
So here we are revealing “All you need to know about Nipah Virus.” So What is a Nipah Virus? Like its name …