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Swine Flu - The emerging threat

Swine Flu - The Emerging Threat

What is Swine flu? Swine means pig.Swine flu is respiratory contagious disease in pigs.​Transmitted in Human by contact with infected pig or contaminated environment.​After getting this infection from pigs infected humans transmit this infection very rapidly to other human beings.​Basically it is a type of influenza. Influenza A.
​How does Swine flu spreads? ​Virus is shed by humans or pigs while sneezing, cough.Airborne infection.Essentially similar to seasonal influenza.Also by hands if no proper hand washing hygiene is used.Mostly in cold season. Crowded places.​ Who are worst affected by Swine flu? Age less than 5 years old.Old age group.Diabetics and hypertensive.Pregnant women.Those with immuno-compromised status.Though other in all age groups and sexes can be affected.Malnourished children.AIDS affected children and adults.