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Vaccines : Is it A scam?

Vaccines : Is it a scam?
With progress of science and medical knowledge many new vaccines are launched. Science is all progressing day by day and minute by minute for that matter. Progress is other word for science in fact. Like all new technology has both good and bad things altogether, the efforts are made to reduce the bad and improve the good. Many people have various doubts about the vaccination. Some think it is essential, some think it is wastage of time and resources. Few think it is just another scam brought by big pharma companies. Really, may be true, may be false. Many giant companies of today were selling cocaine and opium under name of medicine in 19th centuries. So are vaccines really a scam that will take another century to get exposed?       Here let's do some analysis, whether anti vaxers or pro vaxers are true.       Here are some FAQs posed by antivaxers:
1) Vaccines are forced to reduce fertility among certain religious groups?          The truth is since the launc…